Lessons for Asian American Heritage Month

The PBS site for Ancestors in the Americas leads to rich resources for you and students to celebrate Asian American Heritage Month in May.  You can find Asian American curricula resources such as the Asia Society’s AskAsia site, an on-line source for K-12 Asian and Asian American studies. The site provides access to classroom-tested resources and activities, relevant links and a virtual community of educators, with engaging elementary lesson plans such as the following:

The Golden Rule of Reciprocity:  Students learn about the Golden Rule by comparing quotations from the major world religions. Students then create bumper stickers with their own sayings.

Twice Upon a Time:  Multi-Cultural Cinderella:  Teach Cinderella stories from around the world — in an interdisciplinary way.

Animals Tale Travels Around the World:  This lesson introduces a well-known folk tale with renditions from India, the United States and West Africa. After analyzing the versions, students write their own didactic stories based on the formula but focused on contemporary settings.

Among  secondary lesson plans are:

Water is Life:  Water security is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century. This lesson helps students understand issues and take action.

Comparative Religious Teachings:  Students analyze translated texts from Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and other religious books.

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