Mathematics Lessons From Cyberchase

PBS Kids’ CYBERCHASE shows kids that math is everywhere and everyone can be good at it! Online quests, games, videos and more help them develop strong math and problem-solving skills.  Here are 3  lessons from CYBERCHASE that include handouts, assessments and Teacher Lesson Guides:

Using Combinations to Solve a Problem (Grades 2-6)  In video segments two puzzles are presented. Each requires students to consider nine combinations and eliminate possibilities by using clues to find the correct solution. Each time,  students are shown a video and given an opportunity to solve the problem before they watch the CyberSquad generate the solution. Mathematics explored shows how two dimensions, with three variables each, produce nine combinations.

Addition of Decimal Numbers and a Common Error (Grades 4-7)  Students are asked to calculate sums of decimals that total more than one, carefully lining up decimal places. This activity is motivated by two video clips in which the characters calculate sums involving decimals, but in each case there is an error in the decimal point placement.

Investigating Tessellations Filling 2-D Space (Grades 2-5) Students explore the arrangement of shapes that can fill a plane with no overlaps or gaps, called tessellating. In a video segment the CyberSquad uses tessellating to overcome challenges to reach Hacker. They’re also introduced to the terms “congruence” and “similar.”

You can find more engaging lessons and resources at PBS LearningMedia.

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