THE ELECTRIC COMPANY’s Summer Learning Program supports kids’ literacy skills through summer months

The Electric Company’s Summer Learning Program is a six-week multimedia experience consisting of 24 sessions. Each session uses the show as a leaping-off point for developing children’s vocabulary and exploring core math concepts.  Research on this summer initiative by WestEd shows that participants demonstrated significant gains in vocabulary, numeracy, and literacy skills.

Key features of this Summer Learning Program include 36 hours of summer learning content, 3 hours of video content packaged into 15-minute episodes, online games, group activities, and skill-building activity sheets.  All of this is accompanied by a 90-minute staff orientation and PowerPoint that assists with the professional development of implementation staff.

Best of all: all of these materials are free for your usage.  All you need is the motivation to get started!  You can implement this summer program in your formal or informal summer learning program.  Check out some of the great resources included in this summer curriculum:

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