Music Resources for Learning

Music filling the classroom can be a great way to capture students’ interest and, when integrated into the curriculum, enhance their learning. At PBS LearningMedia, you’ll find scores of music resources for all grades such as:

Music and Multiple Intelligences  (Grades PreK-13+) This resource includes a definition of multiple intelligences and two videos providing examples of using students’ musical intelligence for learning.  By addressing multiple intelligences in lesson plans, teachers are able motivate all students to learn.

We Are the Music (Grades 3-4) Explore music and dance sequences of 11 cultural groups who have settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico over the past 700 years in diverse communities such as the Native Americans, Spanish, Crypto-Jewish, Celtic, German, Greek, Japanese, Tibetan, the Central Americans. All performers and narrators in these segments are of school-age.

Point of View – Sharing a Perspective on  Music (Grades 6-12)  In this lesson plan and video, students share opinions on music and write two critiques of a band playing the “St. Louis Blues,” one from their own point of view and one from that of a music critic, reflecting upon how their point of view influenced their opinion.

We also want preschool educators and parents to know about PBS Kids Rocks!, PBS Kids’ first music album, available on iTunes and Amazon.  Each song is designed to help kids learn about a variety of topics to bolster their reading and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills.

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