Teaching About The Illusion of Time

Especially for teachers and students, time can seem to pass far more quickly in summer.  So it may be particularly appropriate that from NOVA’s summer programming comes The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time, airing July 18 at 9pm on WGBY.  As well as learning and teaching about the realities of time with this great program, you can discover classroom resources at NOVA’s teacher site such as:

Deep Time, a NOVA approved site, provides a multimedia exploration of 4 billion years of life on Earth with major transformations, geological changes, and extinction episodes. An Evolution Library for teachers and students is also available.

Deciphering Maya:  A Time Line  is another multimedia resource that allows students to trace discoveries in the effort to understand the Maya script.

Among audio stories on time and/or space by physicists:

Max Tegmark says that time is still one of the biggest mysteries in physics.

Sean Carroll says there’s no such thing as past or future in the elementary laws of physics.

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