Go Geocaching this summer with your kids

Summer is a time for connecting with nature and geocaching is the perfect activity to help you do so.

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunting game where players use GPS-enabled devices (a smartphone will do) to hunt for hidden containers called geocaches. Check out this short and sweet video from geocaching.com to get the full description. 

 The Jim Henson Company has Dinosaur Train themed geocaches hidden across the U.S. by PBS stations, museums, zoos, aquariums, and individual families. Each geocache features a dinosaur from the Dinosaur Train Field Guide and contains educational facts about that dinosaur.  

 Want to make your own Dinosaur Train geocache?  Follow the instructions to get started! 

GeoTours are a new feature for geocaching that allow you to see a collection of geocaches more easily, and there’s a GeoTour made especially for Dinosaur Train! Zoom into your state to see all the Dinosaur Train geocaches available. Check out the Dinosaur Train GeoTour mention in the Wall Street Journal!

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