Theme-Based Resources from THE WAR

In their seven-part documentary series THE WAR, , directors Ken Burns and Lynn Novick honor the experiences of those who lived through World War II by providing them the opportunity to bear witness to their own history. The series offers an extraordinary educational opportunity, providing materials specifically designed to help teachers use themes to teach history and bring the powerful medium of storytelling into the classroom.  At the educators’ website here’s some of what you’ll find:

14 Lesson Plans (Grades 9-12) address national teaching standards, offer activities and video clips from the film, and more.

Snapshot Activities contain a brief overview along with activity ideas that teachers can use to create lessons tailored to individual class curriculum, teaching style and time limitations.

Search and Explore is a comprehensive database with more than 800 photographs; 200 primary source documents and artifacts; 100 videos including clips from THE WAR, historical footage, web exclusive interviews, home movies and historic newsreels.

The Power of Story, written for students for their own documentary production and easily adapted for classroom use, this PDF handbook engages students in seeking out and understanding history in their own communities.

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