Students’ Healthy Food Choices

Arthur’s Lunch-o-Matic Game

In our country, one in three children is considered overweight or obese. Children can also be the most difficult to satisfy, often choosing prepackaged options over fresh ones. So with students heading back to school cafeterias before long, it’s time to think about teaching them why and how to make healthy eating choices.  As well as other PBS resources/lessons on nutrition that you can search on our site, here are additional ones from PBS LearningMedia to help students start off eating healthy in the new school year:

Lunch-o-Matic  (Grades K-2) With this online interactive game, PBS Kids’ favorite, Arthur, helps students choose the right foods to create balanced lunches . They elect a food to add to a lunch tray that contains the nutritional items the brain asks for.

OrganWise Guys Shorts: Are You OrganWise? (Grades PreK-4) In this short game show-style clip, kids learn about healthy food choices with the OrganWise Guys.  They’ll recognize that high-fiber vegetables are key components of good nutrition.

Science Profile:  Food Scientist (Grades 4-6) In this video profile from DragonFly TV, nutritionist Corey Scott researches the nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables to help develop healthier snacks.

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