PBS NEWSHOUR Extra: Election 2012 for Students and Teachers

With the presidential elections on the horizon, many viewers will turn to PBS NewsHour for its trusted, in-depth and independent special convention coverage beginning at the end of this month.  Educators, too, can go to PBS NewsHour Extra with news for students and teachers resources, grades 7-12.

Among lesson plans relating to elections, all with background, activities and critical analysis, you’ll find:  Rich vs. Poor: How Wealth is Impacting the 2012 Elections; Social Media and Advertising in the 2012 Elections; Analyzing the Candidates in the 2012 Presidential Election; and A Race to Watch: Campaign 2012, The Role of Technology and the Internet.

At this great site you and students will also see main stories of the day and daily video clips as well as hear students’ voices in essays, personal stories and poems.

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