PBS TeacherLine Professional Development for Fall

As busy as the start of the school year can be, reflective teachers often realize what they need to learn to be even better at what they do.  With time and cost a factor for most people, online courses are meeting the needs of a growing number of younger and older students.  As evidence mounts for just how effective high-quality online learning can be, more people are turning to their computers to log into class.

PBS TeacherLine has been a trusted professional development source for thousands in our region and may serve your professional learning plans this year.   Starting September 19th and October 24th, PBS TeacherLine is offering 45+ courses that span grade levels and curriculum, most of which are available for graduate credit.

Among courses open for enrollment, starting September 19th:

Children’s Authors on the Web: Online Sites That Motivate Students to Write (RDLA125), 30 hours

An Introduction to Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy Instruction (RDLA152), 45 hours

Fundamentals of Virtual K-12 Teaching (TECH570), 45 hours

Among those open for enrollment, starting October 24th:

Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics (RDLA157), 45 hours

Searching and Researching on the Internet (TECH325), 30 hours

Improving Reading Comprehension (RDLA192), 45 hours

If you have any questions about PBS TeacherLine or a particular course, please contact me at 413.781.2801, ext. 292.

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