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A  new school season begins — and a good time to remind everyone of our free Video Lending Library.  We currently have over 2200 video titles of an education nature, most of which have been aired over PBS. Our collection represents programs from such popular series as NOVA, Frontline, American Experience and American Masters. We also have videos from independent producers, and teaching tools such as the Annenberg Math Libraries.

These DVD and VHS videos can be borrowed for a month by just clicking on the Lending Library link at the right of the screen and following the simple directions posted. Your videos (up to three per order) will be delivered to a pubic library convenient to you by the Massachusetts Library System.

When you’re finished with the videos, take them back to the library for return to us.  Just keep in mind that these videos belong to WGBY and not the library. We use libraries only as a convenient drop-off point for you. So it’s important to follow the simple return directions packed with your order.

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