Five technology skills every student should learn

By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor, eSchool News — What are the most critical technology skills for students to learn? We recently asked our readers this question, and here’s what they had to say.

1. Online literacy —  “Students need to be able to read a news article and determine if there is bias and if it’s truthful

2. Critical thinking —  “Critical thinking; from not texting while driving … to understanding the difference between face time and screen time … to employing sound thinking and decision making in each tech area and with each decision

3. The science behind the technology —  “It is dumbfounding how, in this day and age, educators still think learning a specific piece of software or using a specific piece of hardware is important for ‘technology’ learning.

4. Adaptability — “I believe that having enough resourcefulness, initiative, risk-taking, and creativity to learn and master any technology is necessary, as we actually cannot predict what technology 10 years from now will look like.”

5. Courage —  “I think a great skill to have is fearlessness: Being able to experiment with a technology or software and not worry if you’re using it ‘correctly.

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