Five Myths About How Students Learn

From eSchool News, 19  September 2012, by Laura Devaney, Managing Editor — Neuroscience offers an exciting glimpse into how the human brain develops and changes over time. And while theories on the brain and its development abound, brain research can help to clear up a handful of myths about how students learn and develop. Here are five myths challenged by these brain studies:

Myth 1:  ADHD isn’t real, or conversely is permanent.

Myth 2: “Redshirting” kindergarteners is, on average, good for child’s mental development.

Myth 3: IQ is the biggest predictor of student achievement.

Myth 4: Learning styles are a good way to guide teaching practice.

Myth 5: Autism is on the rise and is strongly affected by environmental influence.

Each of these myths are examined and explained by Sam Wang, Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Princeton University’s Dept. of Molecular Biology and the school’s Neuroscience Institute.

Read the entire blog by clicking here.

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