Classroom Resources For Election 2012

For the 2012 election season, PBS LearningMedia is a great resource for teachers who want to bring the election to their classrooms with videos, games, interactives, and more for election-themed lesson planning.  Here are just some of the featured resources that provide a look at the election from many teachable angles as students consider the historical view and the promise of tomorrow:

How Does Government Affect Me? (Interactive and Lesson Plans:  Grades 3-8) Use a virtual town tour to demonstrate how government decisions directly impact your students’ community. Provide a basic understanding of the branches of government and the balance of power.

Dollars & Votes: 2012 Election (Video Lesson Plans:  Grades 6-12)  What’s behind the proliferation of political ads? Introduce your students to the 2010 Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and the history of campaign financing reform.

2012 Political Map Center (Interactive:  Grades 6-13+) Analyze historical data and have your class attempt to predict the 2012 election outcome. Recognize how factors such as unemployment, median income, and ethnicity impact election outcomes.

Note:  PBS LearningMedia just turned one year old.  As a special thank you for their interest and support, teachers can use this 25% discount code TEACHER25 on their next purchase at the PBS Teacher Shop, which offers PBS educational content.

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