PBS Parents: Building Confidence in Girls

Molly Barker, courtesy of PBS Parents

This month in the Experts section on PBS Parents, Molly Barker discusses ways to build confidence in girls as she’s learned from founding the non-profit organization, Girls on the Run International.  Here are just a few of her tips:

  • Confidence is an ongoing process. You don’t just become confident and then be done with developing confidence; there is an ebb and flow to it and it may take some time to find a balance.
  • Take time to stop and be still. True confidence, the kind that serves us throughout all of life comes when we know we can draw upon our inner voice, strength, and wisdom to help us navigate any situation that comes our way.
  • Confidence means taking risks and letting our failures pave the way to success. We may not make a “right” decision on the first go ‘round,’ but part of the confidence continuum is also accepting that perfection is not the goal…growing, learning and becoming our biggest most aware self is!

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