Project Lead The Way: Promoting engineering in schools

From staff and wire reports, eSchool News, October 16, 2012 — The government recognizes that we need to get more students interested in math, science and technology if America is going to compete in an ever increasingly technology-based world. In Connecticut, a group of teenagers have teamed up with a local engineering firm to build an electric car. Seventh graders in some Illinois schools are designing playground equipment using advanced modeling software. Middlesboro, Ky., eighth graders are going to have a “robot drag race” later this year. These and many more projects across the nation are made possible by the nonprofit organization Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which provides STEM curriculum and programs to schools across the country.

PLTW uses project-based learning to prepare students for the global economy. It also offers professional development for teachers and includes a network of educators, students, universities, and professionals who work together to design the curriculum.

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