Engage Kids in Hands-on Engineering with Design Squad Nation

Getting kids excited about engineering,  Design Squad Nation is high-energy, high-drama reality TV led by Judy and Adam, two professional engineers who work with kids around the world to make their wishes come true through engineering. From creating a park for skaters at the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona to building a playground in a rural village in Nicaragua’s northern mountains, the goal of Design Squad Nation is to inspire viewers to take on their own hands-on engineering activities.

You can use Design Squad Nation’s activities, animations, video profiles, and episodes in classrooms and afterschool programs, in libraries and museums, at events and at home.  Its revamped, fun website offers videos, games and lots of how-to advice that can foster children’s spirit of invention, capturing their attention with activities such learning how to build an unpoppable balloon, design a penny bridge, or seeing how roller coasters are built.  Here’s just a preview of the show:

At the Parents, Educators and Engineers’ website you’ll find important links to great resources on topics such as electricity, sound/music, space/transportation and more.  Also available are usage tips, a guide to features for kids, and Design Squad mobile messages.

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