Earth Science Resources from PBS LearningMedia

Celebrate the wonders of science during Earth Science Week through PBS LearningMedia. These featured resources help students uncover facts about land, water, and the atmosphere, and  illustrate the powerful natural forces that shape our planet:

Gravity at Earth’s Center
Grades 6-12 | Video + Support Materials
Send students on a journey with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to explore what would happen if they were to fall though a hole in the center of the Earth. A video clip enhances discussions on gravity and objects in motion.

Grades 4-6 | Video + Discussion Questions
Expand students’ vocabulary and understanding of the various geologic forces that affect the Earth.  The  video illustrates the impact of earthquakes, volcanoes, water, and glaciers on the planet.

The Hydrologic Cycle
Grades 3-8 | Interactive + Support Materials
Invite students to explore the five main processes that comprise the hydraulic cycle and use this interactive resource from NASA to demonstrate how water is perpetually recycled between Earth’s surface and the atmosphere.

The Dirt on Dirt
Grades PreK-1 | Video
Get the dirt on what it’s like to be an earthworm by visiting its underground habitat. A catchy song imparts to young students to  the significance of the soil on subterranean life.

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