Classroom Resources for NATURE’s Creatures

NATURE follows in the snowy footprints of Yellowstone’s red foxes, spies on the predatory play of wolves and elk, and climbs into the den of a grizzly bear that gives birth to two cubs while deep in hibernation when “Christmas in Yellowstone” airs on WGBY on Wednesday, December 19, at 8pm.  NATURE’s journey in the footsteps of men who first explored the park and its travels with their modern-day counterpart can offer powerful resources for students.

On NATURE’s website an educators’ link provides resources on these wild creatures and much more as you can search by current season, title, animal, topic, grade level, video segments and teachers’ guides.  At PBS LearningMedia, you can also search by content area or specific topic to find resources such as:

Little Howler  (Grades 1-3)  Chris and Martin of the Wild Kratts return a wolf pup to its pack, and learn about the social structure and interaction between wolves in the process.

Wolves (Grades 4-6) IdahoPTV’s D4K ‘s video segmentdefines what it means to be predator and prey.  Students explore the life history of the wolf and learn about its many adaptations that help it to catch its prey.

Dare to Care for a Grizzly Bear (Grades 9 – 11) From Nature this lesson plan allows students to articulate the complex and competing perspectives on how to best handle the growing bear population and investigate factors contributing to the destabilization of the bear’s Yellowstone ecosystem.

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