Five Common Misconceptions About Today’s Students

hapy-teensBy Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor, eSchool News, December 11, 2012 — It seems that every generation has a few gripes about the younger ones. But are there misconceptions specific to today’s students? We asked our readers what they thought were the “common misconceptions about today’s students.” Their responses fell into five broad categories, and are collated and expressed below, edited for brevity.

1 – Today’s students are all tech savvy – Just because they have technology doesn’t mean they know how to use it well.

2 – Students are disengaged. Sure, some don’t care. But that is apparently not the prevailing attitude.

3 – They’re not good communicators – Some write poorly and can’t express themselves, but that’s a challenge to the teacher.

4 – Students from poor families can’t succeed – There are certainly many examples that disprove that old idea.

5 – They’re never outdoors – If you think kids stay indoors all their free time, playing video games, think again.

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