Careers in Science

What better time to discuss careers and goal setting with your students than on the cusp of a new year? This month, PBS LearningMedia features a collection of resources focused on STEM careers that’s both motivating and insightful.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find from PBS’s digital media library for preK-13+ educators:

I Want to Be A Scientist!  (PreK-1, Video Group) Inspire curiosity around careers in science as your early learners follow Sid and his classmates on a trip to the Science Center where they meet a real-world biologist, a chemist, an engineer, and an astronaut.

Scientist Profiles (Grades 4-6, Videos): Robotic Life Scientist Inspired by “Star Wars,” this MIT professor works on the development of robots that display personality. Take a look at this fun, high-tech career (Spanish version also available.)  Game DesignerDo your students love video games and sports? So does David Ortiz. Show them how computer science, design, and math influence his work as a video game designer.

 Designing a Roller Coaster  (Grades 5-12, Video and Discussion)  Introduce your students to roller coaster designer, Chris Gray. Learn how the forces of gravity and potential energy impact his work as an engineer and help him manufacture a thrilling roller coaster experience.

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