Resources for American Experience: Henry Ford

On Tuesday, January 29, at 9pm WGBY presents American Experience:  Henry Ford, about the farm boy who became the 20th century’s most influential American innovator.  The documentary offers an incisive look at the birth of the American auto industry with its long history of struggles between labor and management.  In addition to the innovative education resources and tools that we shared with you here from The Henry Ford Museum in a November 26, 2012 post, you can find additional resources at their educator site by.searching topics such as Transportation in America, America’s Industrial Revolution and American Democracy and Civil Rights.  Here’s a preview of the first chapter:

At PBS LearningMedia  you’ll also find The Impact of Technology: Cars (Grades 3-12), a video segment adapted from A Science Odyssey that tells the story of Henry Ford’s industrial revolution, and Process of Innovation (Grades 6-13+) where students compare the processes of innovation favored by different types of innovators to demonstrate that innovation need not follow a single method.

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