Cyber-Bullying, Communication and Cultural Diversity

bullyHelp students to recognize bullying and respond to conflict thoughtfully by integrating any of the following featured resources into your lesson plans:

In the Mix: Conflict Resolution
Grades 7-13+ | Video | Communication Skills
Observe a group of high school students as they discuss ways in which they deal with conflict. Consider using this resource as a class conversation starter.

Grades 7-12 | Video | Types of Bullying
Show students how bullies use text messages and the Internet to threaten others, and discuss the steps that they can take to address this form of harassment.

The Teenage Brain
Grades 6-8 | Video | Biology & Behavior
Gain insight into the development of the teenage brain. Ask students to consider how natural changes in the brain play a role in the way teens relate to one another.

Succeeding in School
Grades 5-12 | Video | Story of Success
Inspire students with the personal story of Omarina, a student who faced overwhelming odds but was able to succeed with support from her school community and a supportive learning environment.

Martha Speaks: Martha Walks the Dog
Grades K-1, 4-5 | Video
There’s a new, mean dog in town. Use this resource to show young students that first impressions can sometimes be deceiving.

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