NATURE’s A Murder of Crows — Lesson Plan and More

WGBY will broadcast NATURE’s A Murder of Crows tonight at 8:00pm.  Among the fascinating viewing, you’ll see how crows can actually identify humans they’ve watched before.  The series offers a range of resources on crows, including a comprehensive a lesson for grades 9-12.  Using video segments from this NATURE episode, students explore different aspects of animal intelligence with a focus on crows. Students also examine the process of scientific investigation and how conducting experiments contributes to knowledge and an understanding of animal intelligence.

The lesson overview includes websites for National Geographic, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the NT Times as well as standards and homework.  You’ll also find lesson resources such as Steps of the Scientific Method and an Experimental Design Worksheet.   For more resources on crows, you can also search PBS LearningMedia, which offers over 20,000 resources to support you in a wide range of classroom content and professional development.

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