Lesson Plan Feature: “Earth Days: Conveniences and Consequences”

earthdaysIn this lesson, students will consider both the benefits and the hazards of technology in today’s world through the lens of the environment. Students will realize that, while human inventions have made our lives infinitely more healthy, convenient and enjoyable, they have also introduced new threats, such as toxic pollution, that affect both human health and the health of our environment. The challenge confronting our society – and our students – is identifying the proper use of technology to improve our lives while still protecting the quality of the natural world.

This lesson is appropriate for grades 8-12 and requires 2-3 class periods; a portion of activity three will be completed as homework.

After completing this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Consider how technology has both improved our lives and created new threats to environmental and human health.
  • Consider how we can maximize the benefits of technology while minimizing the associated harm, largely by applying the “Precautionary Principle” to new technologies.
  • Reflect on how modern electronics are changing how we relate to the natural world.

View the full lesson plan at the American Experience website.

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