Lesson Plan Feature: Women on the Rise in Afghanistan

For International Peace Month here’s a powerful lesson for grades 9-12 using videos from the PBS documentary series Women, War & Peace. Students learn about the life of women in Afghanistan, including progress they have made and obstacles and dangers they face. The lesson highlights Afghan women’s efforts to play an active role in Afghanistan’s peace process and to empower other women in their country.


Students will be able to:

  • Explain what the Taliban is and how the lives of women were restricted under its rule;
  • Describe progress women have made since Taliban rule;
  • Describe dangers women currently face in Afghanistan;
  • Discuss steps individual Afghan women are taking to empower other women in their country;
  • Describe why Afghan women felt it was critical to be involved in Afghanistan’s peace process and steps they took to make sure they would be part of the process;
  • Explain ways in which the United States has supported the efforts of the women of Afghanistan;
  • Describe efforts by women in other countries to advocate for human rights.

This comprehensive lesson includes media resources and websites for each detailed section of activities as well as related resources.

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