Teaching Environmental Health with PBS LearningMedia

imagesWith Earth Day starting off our week, here are fresh new ways to teach students about environmental health from PBS LearningMedia.  Enhance your  curriculum with engaging and inspiring content from PBS and trusted producers like KQED and WGBH. To search, save, and share your favorite resources, create an account for free.

Taking Root
Grades 9-12 | Video | Environmentalism in Africa
Meet Wangari Maathai, the first environmentalist – and first African woman – to win the Nobel Peace Prize and illustrate the connection between the environment and other social issues.

Waste Deep
Grades 7-13 | Video | Human Impact on Environment

Examine the state of food waste in America with host Yul Kwon and get an in-depth look at the a landfill’s inner workings.

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed
Grades 6-13 | Video | Environmental Stewardship
See the environmental stewardship of everyday people who transformed the polluted Bay Area.

Scientist Profile: Renewable Energy Scientist
Grades 4-6 | Video | Scientist Profile

Use this career profile to illustrate the practical application of solar and wind power and invite students to assess the viability of other renewable energy sources.

Nowhere to Hide
Grades K-8 | Interactive | Effects of Pollution
Enhance your health, science, and environmental studies curriculum with this clever interactive resource from Kinetic City.

NEW: Prompt debate among your students using this new resource from ITVS that explores the global politics of climate change.

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