Six Tips For Guiding The Learning Of Students With Autism

autism-150x150By Heather Patin – eSchool News, April 25, 2013 — Classrooms come with their own unique characters, props, and soundtracks. To the average student, these things meld into the background, setting the scene for learning. However, for children affected by autism, simple disruptions—from the opening of a book to the ringing of a bell—can cause major setbacks in the learning experience.

How can teachers and parents ensure that the needs of students with autism are being addressed? Here are six tips:

  • Learning to learn: It is essential for any student to develop good learning habits in order for true learning to take place, and the same is true for children on the autism spectrum.
  • Practice predictability: Students with autism are most comfortable when they are taking part in a predictable schedule.
  • Consistent reinforcement: It is vital that you regularly reinforce desired skills in order to maintain them.
  • Change the lesson plan: There isn’t just one way to teach students with autism.
  • Get social: Social skills are fundamental to finding success in school, as well as in life.
  • Small steps: Improvement is an incremental process.

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