Connecting Point Special Segment on Gerena School

Gerena_logo_CPDon’t forget to watch as we conclude our special Connecting Point series “Divided We Stand: A Street in Our School” TONIGHT 7:30pm!  This series concludes with an entire show that includes a teacher round table discussion taped at Gerena School with Burt Freedman, Enrique “Henry” Figueredo and Ursula Hogan, a segment about community agencies, and a segment created by Zydalis Zayas of community voices. Host Carolee McGrath also highlights the academic progress the Gerena students are currently making.

Each segment includes an on-screen Spanish translation – a first for a WGBY program!

You can also learn more about WGBY’s work at the next Buen Provecho event.

Join us in the tunnel at Gerena: Thursday, May 23 from 6-8pm.

View our online resource map!


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