DESIGN SQUAD NATION: Exciting Hand-on Activities in Engineering

DESIGN SQUAD NATION is a 10-part series of TV shows and video blogs that build on the success of the award-winning PBS reality competition series DESIGN SQUAD to get kids excited about engineering. DESIGN SQUAD NATION is high-energy, high-drama reality TV led by Judy and Adam, two professional engineers who work with kids around the world to make their wishes come true through engineering.  View a slideshow or watch this sample video about how kids can build their own rollercoaster!topbuilder-postercoaster

You can use these activities, animations, video profiles, and episodes in classrooms and afterschool programs, in libraries and museums, at events and at home.  Find resources by topics such as Electricity, Health, Sound/Music and Space/Transportation, and  download various guides for school and afterschool programs like the Educators’ Guide. Organized by theme, the guide has 10 activities focused on electricity, force and energy, structures, and simple machines that correspond to the ITEA National Study of Technology Content Standards and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks Science and Technology/Engineering Standards.

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