Roadtrip Nation: Journeys of Self-Discovery

imagesRoadtrip Nation is a public television series and grassroots movement that encourages young people to hit the road in search of interviews with leaders who have defined their own distinct routes through life. The search for eclectic individuals who have resisted pressures to conform and who have become successful by following their own paths is what drives Roadtrip Nation.  Check WGBY’s Schedule to learn when the series airs.

This remarkable movement documents these journeys of self-discovery in a free-spirited, adventurous series that encourages people all across the globe to move outside their comfort zones and explore the world.   Every summer, students set out  Green RVs to hear the stories of these fascinating people across the country.  Roadtrip Nation captures their experiences and shares them in this PBS documentary series.  You can watch full episodes and featured interviews on

When you search “careers” at PBS LearningMedia, you’ll also find a multitude of resources such as Write Now! Career Writing Prompts: Speech Pathologist (Video, grades 6-10),  Choosing a STEM Career (Lesson Plan, grades 6-12) and Computer Game and Simulation Technology (Video, 9-12).

We’d love to hear about your experiences watching  Roadtrip Nation or searching among PBS LearningMedia’s 30,000+ resources.

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