Stagnant or 21st Century Schools? Five Recommendations

Would someone walking into your school be able to distinguish it from one built or run in the 19th century?  Here are recommendations for 21st century digital learning from staff and wire reports, eSchool News, June 14, 2013 —  On the heels of President Obama’s connected initiative launch, the bipartisan Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission released a five-point blueprint outlining specific actions to accelerate the expansion of K-12 digital learning. The blueprint calls on the federal, state, local, private, and charitable sectors to consider and put into practice the following recommendations for digital learning and ed-tech.

  • Solve the infrastructure challenge by updating the wiring of schools
  • Build a national effort to deploy devices
  • Accelerate the adoption of digital curriculum
  • Embrace and encourage model schools
  • Invest in human capital

“As long as our schools remain in an education model that is fundamentally unchanged since the 19th century, we risk remaining stagnant as other countries surge ahead in educational performance,” said LEAD Commissioner and Co-Founder of TPG Capital Jim Coulter. “We’re eager to join the collective effort and growing political support, as seen with President Obama’s ConnectED Initiative, to pave the way for expanded digital learning access in America.”  Read the full story by clicking here.

Let us know what you think.  How do these recommendations relate to your experience?  How digitally ready  is your school?LEAD

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