Lesson Plan Feature: Integrating Learning — Mathematics & Diabetes

statistics-8330380-490x190We think summer’s a great time to experience and reflect on healthy living and to consider appropriate classroom resources that integrate the all-important subject of health. Here’s a lesson on Percentage of Populations with Diabetes where grade 5-8 students learn about percentages in relation to the study of diabetes.

In this TV411 activity, students are introduced to aspects of diabetes.  They look at a nutrition label and apply various skills to answering questions about the label.  One of two video clips in this activity, What’s in that Box of Cookies, Anyway? explores how to tally the amount of carbohydrates one consumes each day. Students then learn to calculate the percentages of people who have diabetes.  The lesson is complete with media resources, materials (including handouts), standards and assessment levels for proficiency and above proficiency.

While you’re having what we hope is a healthy summer, we’d appreciate hearing from you about health-related resources for the students as well as your thoughts and experiences with integrated instruction.

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