Self-Paced Courses from PBS TeacherLine

PBSTeacherLine_FTR-320x180You might find summer the right time to energize your career and expand your skill set.  These new Self-Paced Courses from PBS TeacherLine — high-quality, anytime, anywhere online learning — might provide the challenge and fulfillment you seek during your freedom from school’s demanding schedule.

These 3-hour online professional learning opportunities focus on the principles and practice of teaching and offer you an easy and flexible way to strengthen your teaching muscles!

Human Impacts on Environmental Systems (SCIE1011)
Grades 9-12 | 3 Hours | Sign Up Here

Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools (LEAD 1101)
Grades K-12 | 4 Hours | Sign Up Here

Using Primary Source in World History (SOST 1001)
Grades 6-12 | 3 Hours | Sign Up Here

PBS TeacherLine also offers 15, 30, and 45-hour online facilitated courses that span 6-10 weeks. See the course catalog.

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