Celebrating Freedom — Happy 4th of July!

washington-dc-capitol-buildingTo celebrate the 4th, check out this video clip from NOVA: “Fireworks!” to learn how different colors are added to fireworks and share your knowledge with family and friends over the upcoming holiday.

Here are additional PBS LearningMedia resources to help you appreciate this July 4th and to discover classroom resources surrounding our independence:

To Sign or Not to Sign is an interactive for grade 6-8 students who can analyze the Declaration of Independence to understand its meaning and consider the consequences of signing the document.

Declaring Freedom . . . But For Whom?, a video segment adapted from Africans in America, allows grade 5-12 students to consider the American view of freedom that was defined by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about these resources or your ideas for celebrating, understanding and appreciating freedom.

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