Green Design and Technologies

columbusexpositionUse these resources from PBS LearningMedia to enhance lesson plans on innovative tech, sustainable building design, smart cars, and renewable energies. Remember to create a user account for free, full access to PBS LearningMedia’s content library, and let us know what you think about any of these digital resources.

Plug in Hybrids Grades 4-12 | Video | Transportation Technologies
Show students how plug-in electric hybrid technology works and challenge them to compare conventional vehicles with their eco-friendly counterparts.

Green Technology: Sustaining the Earth
 Grades 6-12 | Interactive | Renwable Energy
Use this interactive activity to offer students an overview of innovation in green technology and insight into various areas of research within the field.

The Art and Science of Renzo Piano
 Grades 9-12 | Video | Innovative Building Design
Discover how architect Renzo Piano combined sustainable design features with a sense of fun and exploration in the creation of the greenest museum in the world.

Architecture 2030
 Grades 9-12 | Video | Green Design
Learn about this architect’s efforts to protect the environment by changing the way buildings are planned, designed, and constructed.

Affordable Green Housing
 Grades 9-12 | Video | Green Design
Invite students to consider the role that habitat plays in fostering diverse, vibrant social structures in well-designed, integrated communities by integrating this video resource into your next class discussion.

Bogotá: Building a Sustainable City
 Grades 9-12 | Video | Transportation Technologies
Explore the innovations in urban planning, development, and transportation that transformed Bogotá, Colombia from a chaotic city to a shining example of sustainable improvement.

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