PBS LearningMedia: New Summer Literacy Collection

pbslm_promoThis summer, PBS LearningMedia turns the spotlight on our spectacular collection of resources supporting literacy skills development in grades PreK-12 with featured resources from Martha Speaks, Poetry Everywhere, The Electric Company and PBS NewsHour!

Storybook Creator
Grades PreK-1 | Interactive Game | Emergent Reading
Illustrate the power of words with this interactive game that allows young readers to change key words in classic stories like “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

Blue Ribbon Readers
Grades K-5 | Interactive Game | Comprehension
The Hamburger Game helps students to practice attentive reading by choosing the main idea – or “meat”- from a passage of text and dragging it to the center of their sandwich.

Martha Speaks
Grades K-5 | Video and Games | Vocabulary
These engaging resources help kindergarten and upper-elementary students increase their vocabulary, develop self-esteem and social skills, and enhance their love of reading.

Silent – E –
Grades 1-3 | Media Gallery | Vocabulary
Capture the attention of summer learners with resources from The Electric Company while targeting vocabulary development and reading comprehension.

Middle School Literacy Collection
Grades 5-8 | Self-Paced Lessons | Comprehension
This online lesson for blended learning enhances the literacy skills of middle school readers while introducing them to topics in science, math, social studies and the language arts.

The Anthology of Rap
Grades 6-13+ | Video | Elements of Poetry
Challenge students to consider the relationship between rap music and the traditions of lyric poetry with this resource from PBS NewsHour.

As many of you know, after exploring 3 resources you’ll be prompted to create a free account — to search, save, and share your favorite resources.

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