13 Inexpensive, User-Friendly Writing Tools & Apps

typing2-150x150Since writing allows students to practice critical-thinking in virtually all subjects, we thought you might want to look at this article by a contributor at eSchool News on  July 26, 2013  “Being able to write clearly is an essential skill for all students. With these simple online writing tools and apps, students get to practice writing informally in settings that won’t be too daunting.”

“This information comes from Common Sense Media and its new Graphite service, a free collection of teacher-written reviews of websites, apps, and digital games for the classroom. Thirteen products are reviewed here with a description of the program and its pros and cons. The various products reviewed cover K through grade 12.  Web addresses are included with each review if more information is desired. . . .”

Read the complete article by clicking here.

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