From TED Talks: An Innovative Model for Online Learning

TEDtalksSkeptical about whether online learning can really offer a quality education?  On TED TALKS EDUCATION, a program WGBY aired this past May, you saw the quality of TED talks:  Ideas Worth Spreading — ideas that we want to continue to help spread here.

A TED Talk that may well transform your view of online learning is one by Stanford professor Daphne Koller:  What We’re Learning from Online Education.  Growing up among several generations of PhD’s, she was expected to go to college and has become a passionate educator.   Through her startup, Coursera, co-founded with Andrew Ng, she has made college available to anyone with online classes from 16 top colleges.  In her TED Talk, Professor Koller says, “In many of our [online] courses, the median response time for a question on the question and answer forum was 22 minutes — which is not a level of service I have ever offered to my Stanford students.”  Be prepared to learn more about the success and promise of online learning in her 20 minute talk.

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