PBS LearningMedia: Interactive Lesson Plans

pbslm_promoAmong your back-to-school wishes – would hundreds of free, interactive lesson plans be one of them?  PBS LearningMedia provides over 500 customizable lesson plans.  Here are just a few examples with abundant teacher and classroom resources:

Product Life Cycle (Grades 3-4):  In this lesson, students flex their critical thinking skills by piecing together the lives of objects pulled from the trash.

Drawing Inferences (Grades K-5):  Strengthen students reading comprehension skills by teaching them to draw inferences from various types of text.

Choosing a STEM Career (Grades 6-12): Use this 3-day lesson plan to help students identify practical skills they need to get their careers rolling.

Invest in Yourself (Grades 7-12):  Prep students for lifelong success by expsoing them to the basics of budgeting.  Key concepts include income, expenses, savings and debt.

And here’s a download this “tip sheet” with a series of thought-provoking questions designed to support your lesson planning efforts.

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