Women Take Center Stage

indexWhile women have come a long way in the United States, they still have a long way to go as do others who can be subjected to violence and  injustice. Woman are the focus of several upcoming programs on WGBY.  Saturday, September 7 at 7pm,  Mary Wilson of the Supremes celebrates the greatest girl groups and solo singers of the 1960s with archival performances.  Monday, September 9, 8pm, viewers can  follow the journey of 19thcentury iconic Polish actress Helena Modjeska as she leaves war-torn Poland to become an icon on the American stage through her many commitments.  Tuesday, September 10, 8pm, American Masters presents tennis star Billie Jean King, who tells her story in the series’ first profile of a sports figure.  (Watch Trailer and check out  American Masters site for educators.)

When you go to PBS LearningMedia and search “women,” you’ll many rich, engaging resources aligned to the Common Core such as the following:

Single Women Homesteaders (Grades 3-7) This video reveals that despite perceived differences between men and women, women claimed their free land under the 1862 Homestead Act and homesteaded in North Dakota for many of the same reasons that men d.
Connections between Texts:  Maya Lin and Jane Jacobs (Grades 6-8)  In this lesson plan students write and perform a Readers’ Theater script in which two characters, Maya Lin and Jane Jacobs, talk to each other about their ideas about architecture and life.
Empowerment (Grades 9-12):  This video from Women, War & Peace demonstrates the power of women and suggests that presence of women at peace talks is essential.

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