Ideas and Resources for Improving Science Education

girls scienceThe September 2, 2013 issue of the New York Times Education Issue has a provocative article by Claudia Dreifus based on the collective ideas of 19 scientists, educators and students on how to improve science education in this country. Their ideas are worth reading. Many of these ideas will no doubt spark debate and ideas in your own school environment.  Read the entire article by clicking here.

PBS LearningMedia has vast resources for science in the classroom that you can search by grade, content, and standards.  Just on example from thousands of resources aligned to National Standards is Jonathan Bird’s Blue World for grades Prek-12.  This collection from Educational Underwater Adventure brings Emmy award-winning video to classrooms to teach science with a spirit of adventure and exploration in the underwater realm.  It includes the content from this national public television series, which has aired since 2008, paired with lesson plans and study guides aligned to National Science Standards. These resources cover academic subject areas including biology, chemistry, math, history and physics.

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