New PBS KIDS Series Premiere: PEG + CAT

indexSave the date for a great duo who always save the day!  PEG + CAT — That’s Peg PLUS Cat — premieres on WGBY this Monday, October 7, from 9am – 10am and again at 3pm – 4pm.  (Thereafter, the 30-minute program will be aired at 9:30am and 3:30pm).  This fantastic new program with terrific art work centers around two giggly, goofy pals with a knack of stumbling into problems. Spirited Peg and her best friend Cat manage to save the day by working together, using math, and trying out different ideas – no matter how loopy or loony they may be!

At the Peg + Cat website, you’ll find games, adventures and other activities for home and classroom.  At PBS LearningMedia, you’ll find a complete Pet + Cat Collection with resources for numbers and counting, online games and supplemental activities.  Here are additional resources when you search Pet + Cat at PBS LearningMedia:

Pirates and Beaches Board Game (PreK-K) Pirates love peaches! So do Peg and Cat! And the peaches on pirate island are extra sweet and juicy! So help Peg, Cat, and the pirates collect as many peaches as they can with this make-at-home board game.

 Peg + Cat Stick Puppets: Follow these simple directions for making your very own Peg and Cat puppets! Then the Peg + Cat Puppet Show can begin!

Please let us know what you think of this new PBS KIDS show from the Fred Rogers’ Production Company.

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