Timely Video Captures the Syrian Civil War

imagesIn this highly charged documentary, filmmaker Olly Lambert lives on both sides of Syria’s sectarian frontline, witnessing the devastating effect of a religious feud that, regardless of the outcome of the war, is shaping Syria’s future. The video, from the Frontline collection, is titled, SYRIA – BEHIND THE LINES, (I.D. 2286) The video is in DVD format and runs 60 minutes. Borrow it for a month by clicking here.

Here are some related resources from PBS LearningMedia that you might also want to explore:

Lesson Plan for Syria (Grades 7-12)  This lesson introduces students to contemporary U.S.- International relations as well as provides a simulation to put students in the shoes of the important players in the Syrian Conflict.

The Light In Her Eyes:  Religion in Culture and Politics: Women’s Empowerment in Syria (Grades 9-13+):  In this lesson, students will explore the role of religion in society and politics in Syria.

Coping with Crisis (Grades 9-12) This video from Wide Angle explores the life of an Iraqi refugee in Jordan and examines the challenges faced by host countries Jordan and Syria.

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