Halloween Tricks & Treats for the Classroom

Halloween-A-Foodie-History-602x451The following resources can help engage students over this Halloween season of ghouls, ghosts and all things slimy.  For our youngest trick or treaters,  you can also visit PBS Kids to find videos and activities from favorite characters such as Curious George, Clifford, and Arthur who will be among those celebrating this creepy, fun time!

Halloween Spooky Science Special (Grades PreK-1):  Investigate spooky animals, conduct a slimy science experiment, and listen to a song about Halloween parades!

Worm Slime!  (Grades 1-3)  :Learn all about the characteristics of worms and what makes up their slimy structure!  Students learn that worms have tiny hairs, a head with no eyes or ears, are covered in slime, and can have over 100 segments!

Sharing Halloween Candy (Grades 3-6):  In this video segment from Cyberchase, Jackie shows Buzz, Delete and Harold how to deal out rounds (or sets) of objects to solve a problem.

PBS NewsHour Presents:  The Zombie Autopsies (Grades 8-12):  Inspired by Dr. Steven C. Scholzman’s “The Zombie Autopsies,” this series of lessons uses the undead to teach the living about the brain.

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