Ghosts, Witches and Haunted Houses!

witches1_546x307For Halloween Eve, we’ve  unearthed more haunting resources to enhance classroom discussions, homework assignments, and even flipped lessons (where students may complete some of this work at home).

Supernatural Elements in Shakespeare
Grades 8-12 | Media Gallery | Literature
What role do ghosts and witches play in Shakespeare’s most notable works? Ask students to support their responses using evidence from these video segments.

DIY: How to Make a Clown Face
Grades 5-8 | Video | Theater & Performance
Theater teachers: Show students how to create their own Halloween costume (or stage persona) using a little makeup! Use this one-on-one session with a professional clown to enhance your tutorial.

Haunted House: The Tuhhhh
Grades 1-3 | Video | Reading
Mummy and Werewolf are having a hard time reading a message left by their friend, Bat. Invite young learners to play along as they practice the letter sound “t.”

Halloween Spooky Science Special
Grades PreK-1 | Media Gallery | Science
Teach learners about spiders, bats, cats, and skeletons while celebrating the tradition of dressing in costume for Halloween.

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