Design Squad’s Top Builder: Newspaper Power Challenge!

Kids-Mezzannine-16x9_449PBS Kids Design Squad,  with its call for students to “Dream it.  Build it.  Use it.” is challenging students to become a Design Squad Top Builder by designing a structure out of newspaper and masking tape!   Students can build any kind of structure they want: a chair, a sculpture, even a building. But whatever they build, it must be structurally sound — that means it’s strong and won’t fall down easily. Watch the video.

Students can enter Design Squad’s Top Builder: Newspaper Power Challenge by logging into Design Squad’s website and submitting a photo of their newspaper structure — one submission per user — using the form at the bottom of this link on or before November 6, 2013.  (Please don’t include students or teachers in photos — newspaper structures only. ) Design Squad will highlight their favorite newspaper structure and then students can vote for the best.  The builder with the most votes will earn a special sticker s/he can use on the Design Squad website.

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