Cyberchase: Environmental Themes for Mastering Math Concepts

Kids-Mezzannine-16x9_493Cyberchase is the Emmy award-winning animated math mystery show that features a team of curious kids who use their math and problem solving skills to outwit and outsmart the villain Hacker in their quest to save Cyberspace.  Adventure, environmental science, and math join forces on Monday, November 4, when all-new episodes of Cyberchase build on the epic struggle of good vs. evil with environmental themes relevant to today’s kids and lets kids be the heroes as they master math concepts to solve life’s wacky problems.

For teachers of grades 3-8, Cyberchase will make lesson plans and video clips available for free download through PBS LearningMedia. Right now, you’ll find live-actionFor Real segments exploring the show’s math topics in everyday life.  Here are sample Cyberchase resources with support materials:

Hugs and Witches (Grades 3-5):  A full episode in which Hacker captures Dr. Marbles and Lady Ada Lovelace, and the kids and Digit must decipher a series of poems to save them.

Balancing Equations with Multiple Terms (Grades 3-6):   In this video segment, Digit and Inez must balance two number sentences to save the bunnies of Cyberspace.

Railroad Repair Using Decimal Addition (Grades 3-6):   In this interactive game, students are challenged to use decimal addition to repair a series of train tracks with spare tracks that range in length from 0.1 to 1.0.


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