Students Can Have A Math Blast!

imagesThis week’s theme on PBS LearningMedia is Math Blast — with new, original content to inspire students, including Peg + Cat, I <3 Math, and the PBS Math Club . Featured resources, like those below, explore numbers and counting, the number line, and division with fractions.  You’ll also find lots more PreK-13+ mathematics resources at this great PBS digital library for educators!

1 <3 (Grade 6):  This video series introduces key Common Core concepts in 6th grade mathematics. Each video focuses on building conceptual understanding of the “how” and “why” behind mathematical problem solving. Videos serve as topical introductions to integers, the concept of ratios, unit rates, percent, and division with fractions.

Additive Inverse (Grade 7):  This animated Math Shorts video demonstrates the concept of additive inverse and includes an accompanying classroom activity.  (The lesson is part of an upcoming collection of 420 middle school math resources (!) coming in Spring 2014 to help students visualize math concepts.

What is an Integer? (Grades 6-8):  This episode of Math Club defines integers as positive whole numbers, their opposites and zero. It explains positive and negative integers, using everyday examples such as YouTube “likes” and “dislikes” and borrowing money from a friend.

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