Persuasive Writing: The Power of the Pen

40901973-6e58-48a1-9406-51cdaa2da9b2_thumbAs a former English Language Arts teacher, I found persuasion to be one of the more demanding forms of writing for students.  The ability to state ideas clearly and back them up with proof is increasingly important, regardless of one’s profession, age or background. While new technologies such as blogs, podcasts, instant messaging, virtual social networks and email make opinionated self-expression easier and more encouraged than ever before, learning to distinguish reputable sources of information from inaccurate sources is challenging, yet important when making credible arguments.

Persuasive Writing:  Take a Stand is a resource designed to teach grades 9-12 students to learn how to recognize credible sources and use those to form opinions and support them, a skill used by everyone from sports stars and homemakers to business leaders and politicians.  I hope you find the resource helpful in teaching students to write persuasively and credibly.

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